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G. H. Frost / backstory

Travel and study led to success writing of conflicts in the Americas and the Middle East.

The techniques of travel, observation, photography, study, and interviewing can be employed to write reports and novels of any conflict, anywhere in the world.

I present this project:

-- to sell out-of-print novels;

-- to sell ongoing novels;

-- to review the techniques of research and travel in writing;

-- and to develop the stories of other writers for sales to the world.

Drawing on my past work, I want to create an electronic enterprise exploiting the internet for international sales of writing. This project remains incomplete.

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This Letter to the Editor appeared in the 27 April, 2004, edition of the North County Times, the newspaper serving North County San Diego and Camp Pendleton.

Predicting terrorism

In the early 1980s, I wrote my first novels of Islamic fanatics attacking American forces throughout the world. I lacked complete understanding of the fanatics. I also failed to understand that the fanatics also attacked Islam. As my novels involved death squads, assassins and fanatics, I knew I risked retaliation. Therefore, the novels appeared under pseudonyms -- Don Pendleton, Dick Stivers, and G. H. Frost.

An attack by a passenger plane against Washington, D.C.? I wrote that in 1985. I conceived the idea of aircraft-as-missile in the 1970s. Many others also had the idea.

The destruction of New York high-rises? I sketched that concept in 1980. A publisher thought the idea fantastic -- but the company published the story.

With the publication of "Marines find weapons cache," April 20, unfortunately, I see another concept made real. I've talked about this with readers and soldiers for years. The photos prove it.

Post this letter to Google. With this letter I am the first to publish the terms "Garage band jihad, garage band jihadis, rock and roll jihadis, garage band fedayeen, garage band mujahadeen, garage band terrorism, garage band terrorists."

More to follow.


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