Traveling the world with a camera

Adventures in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas

Images and voices

I designed this html/css assembly for the difficult and intermittent internet portals of the developing world. Though not elegant, this assembly will appear on screens and cellphones everwhere -- Ouarzazate, Mombasa, Atitlan. People featured in the videos will see their nations, their own images, hear their voices, listen to the music of their cultures.

To see the programs, go to the World Videos, then navigate through the many nations, Tanzania, Kenya, etc.

VideoAdventures.Info offers reviews of destinations, documentaries, theatrical features, products, and books. Below, a textbook for the cameras used in the ECONEWS documentaries, the Canon XA10. To read a review and see demonstration videos, go to EQUIPMENT.

Additional information

Any person or organization may copy the coding of this basic responsive screens website as a template and recode the template for their own publications. Skills required:

Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, Audition, Dreamweaver.